numobile iPhone Range
numobile iPhone Range

Subscribe instead of buy. You can save money & it's better for our planet.

Subscribe to the latest iPhone and save with the best monthly priced plans on any network in Aus. Return your phone at the end of your subscription so we can find it a nu home or recycle it responsibly. It’s the better way to get your next phone. Limited stock.

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Phone SIM Combo

iPhone Subscription + SIM

The cheapest monthly priced iPhone + SIM plan on any network in Aus.

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iPhone Subscription

You can finally get a monthly phone subscription without a SIM plan.


SIM Plan

Already have an awesome phone and want a SIM plan to match?

Why subscribe instead of buy?

Best monthly price
Better for our planet
Flexible and SIM-free

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Subscribing is simple and all online meaning there's no paperwork required and there's no waiting either – get a decision in minutes.


Better for our planet.

Your choice can make a difference. When you choose nu subscription, you will:

Save a phone destined for landfill

More reasons to subscribe to the nu way

More freedom
Free express shipping & returns
Fast approvals
Awesome support
Better for our planet
30 days to change your mind

Top questions & answers

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I prefer to keep the phone, why should I subscribe instead?

A nu subscription is better for our planet and can help keep more money in your wallet. 

How? You don’t need to pay a big price upfront and your monthly payments are reduced because you send your phone back at the end of the subscription term (and we'll find it a nu home or recycle it responsibly so it doesn't get added to that pile of old electronics at the back of your drawer). You can then upgrade to the latest phone we have available. 

Our phones are also SIM-free so you can choose the SIM plan that best suits your needs - and your budget.

If you don't want to let the phone go at the end of your subscription, you can contact our support team to discuss any options we can make available to you at the time.  


Can I just get the phone, without a SIM plan attached?

Yes! With nu mobile you can finally get a phone subscription with or without a SIM plan, it’s up to you. That said, we have the best monthly priced iPhone +SIM deal in Aus. Check out our range of great value SIM plans, you may be able to get a better phone and more monthly data with us than you expected!

Do I own the phone I am subscribing to?

No, when you sign up for a nu subscription you do not own the phone.

Our subscription is designed so that you return your phone to us at the end of the subscription term or on earlier termination. This enables us to offer you a lower monthly payment through the subscription period. 

If you prefer to keep the phone at the end of your subscription term, please contact our support team to discuss any options we can make available to you at the time.

What is a SIM-free, phone only subscription?

When you choose a phone-only subscription, there's no SIM plan attached. 

This means that you make monthly payments for the phone and it's up to you to find the perfect SIM plan for your needs, whether it's from nu mobile or another provider. 

You can check out our range of SIM plans here.