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nucertified means they're good as nu.

Backed by our 12-month device warranty.

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Quality pre-owned phones tested and nucertified in Australia.

Our Sydney-based service engineers hand-select our nu phones one by one. They perform a 51-point test to make sure our nucertified phones look and run the way you expect them to. We make sure that every nu phone ticks each of the points below.

Get connected
We make sure every phone can send and receive calls, texts and data.

Take selfies and videos
We test all aspects of the back and front cameras to make sure pictures and videos are clear and the flash is bright.

Push and swipe
All buttons and the touchscreen are tested to make sure they work properly.

Binge watch your favourite shows
We make sure there are no issues connecting to WiFi so you can catch all the latest episodes. 

Look the part
You won't believe your phone is pre-owned. You can expect the screen to look as new and the housing will have little to no visible marks. 

Find your way back home
We test the GPS to help you find your way.

Get a fresh start
We make sure your phone is unlocked and data cleansed, so it's ready to make nu memories.

Hear loud and clear
We test the ringtone, key tone, speakerphone, headset port functionality, microphone and vibration mode to make sure you’ll never miss a call (or a beat, because phones aren't just about calls anymore).

Power up
We make sure the battery functions correctly, so you can power through your day. 



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