about numobile
about numobile

There's a better way to get the phone you want.

It's the nu way.

Subscribe instead of buy. You can save money & it's better for our planet.

numobile was founded based on a simple mission – giving phones a nu life and saving our customers money while we're at it. In 2019 we launched the nu way with a range of quality refurbished smartphones (that are good as nu!) and simple, great value SIM plans without unnecessary extras. ​

We believe that all Aussies should have access to affordable quality smartphones, and that will never change for us.​

Outside of the rising cost of living, Aussies are increasingly concerned about the state of the environment and rightly so. In addition to giving phones a nu life, we believe it’s our responsibility to ensure every device we sell is either reused or recycled responsibly. We can achieve that by changing the consumption model together, with a reuse-refurb-recycle approach.​

To further our efforts in saving our customers money whilst reducing the impact on our planet, we’ve introduced nu subscription for both refurbished and the latest brand-new smartphones. By pairing our phone subscription with one of nu’s great value SIM plans, you can get the phone you want on the best monthly priced plan in Aus. At the end of the subscription term, you can upgrade and we will find a nu home for your old phone, or recycle it responsibly. ​

Let’s make better choices, one phone at a time.

Meet the team.

numobile Team

We are a small and hands-on team, focused on bringing you the best phone deals and an awesome customer experience to match.

We are passionate about looking after our planet, so we are working on sustainability initiatives that will help reduce our impact on the planet.

And when we say we're Aussie-based, we mean it. When you speak to our customer support team, you're speaking with someone who sits in our Sydney office (or at home – we're flexible like that).